My first of many letters to myself ..IT’S AMAZING

So … it’s AMAZING! 


My first my first night as a writer. and I’m not sure how to start.  I guess I can thank God I’m not in prison while I write this. So do I write about my life? Do I tell why I’m here. do I say what lead me here?

I Dont want people to feel sorry for me. But my life sure isn’t what its suppose to be . so lets start by saying I got married the 1st time at age 17. I had 2 girls Cammie and  Stacie.  my 2nd marriage I had another daughter Paige. divorced… moved to Wichita Kansas. Worked as a waitress and bartender at a total nude strip bar. Best money I ever made. fully dressed. ..wranglers…te Yea I looked kut of place..but I brought in great money and learned what men go crazy over. never thought it would come into play later…but it did. okay IT’S 1:10am. my husband hasnt said 4words to me all day. again its my fault about something.Today its because I’ve been playing on my phone. funny he can sure “TELL” me everything else I do wrong. see If he don’t say anything then that gives him the ammunition to fight with. He loves to fight. he is building a case so he can justify leaving me. I know. but I’m not  kissing ass any more. he wants to leave. where is his balls? he is upset because him and Brandi ( who is suppose to be my step sister) can’t talk. I think there is more going on than they say. he has always had sexual fantasies about her anyway. he has fantasies about a lot of women. he thinks I don’t know. what do I do let him go and go about my way? I’m to the point I should walk out. I don’t know. he isn’t happy. at least not with me. I guess he was till I caught him again. he won’t admitt it. . he says cyber sex isnt cheating. he tells Brandi about intimate things between him and I. we have nothing I guess. our marriage is a lie. at least to him.  h

he has proved that in so many ways. well till tommarow




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